06 07 2015

Classic Mac Screensaver. If this doesn't take you back, you're not old enough.

05 29 2015

It's taken me over a year, and forced multiple specific feature updates to Concrete5 – but I'm finally able to unveil the new andrewembler.com – which I hope will be a great showcase for how to blog with Concrete5.

01 16 2012

Version 5.5 of concrete5 is a great leap forward for our interface. Twitter's new UI toolkit, Bootstrap, is a big part of it. Learn about Bootstrap, how concrete5 uses it, and how you can include it in your blocks, dashboard pages and add-ons.

06 24 2011

Learn how andrewembler.com uses liquid grid layouts, flexible font sizes and elastic image spacing to create a site that looks good on mobile phones as well as large widescreen monitors.

06 21 2011

I've revamped my web presence yet again. I really need to get together an archive of all of them over the years. This design is pretty cool for a number of reasons. I think anyone with a concrete5-powered blog might find some of these approaches useful, especially if it has a technical focus.