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06 12 2015

Multilingual, Namespacing, ORM, Panels, Query Builder and Responsive Design

06 07 2015

Classic Mac Screensaver. If this doesn't take you back, you're not old enough.

06 06 2015

PHP provides both built-in support and external libraries for localizing managing translated content. But what about localized data that isn't a language? Things like working with dates, numbers and currency? Use the Punic CLDR library to manage these types of content.

06 02 2015

Concrete5 (and yours truly) was the subject of a great, in-depth article by GOODSIR, a digital marketing agency.

06 01 2015

Our topics include: Grids, Help System, Image Editing, JavaScript, Killing old Code, Layouts

05 29 2015

It's taken me over a year, and forced multiple specific feature updates to Concrete5 – but I'm finally able to unveil the new – which I hope will be a great showcase for how to blog with Concrete5.